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Parker, Colorado Law Firm: Family Law, Business Law, and Estate Planning Attorneys

Family law cases (Divorce, custody and support disputes, and adoptions) carry great emotional distress, and unfortunately, disputes can last for years.  This is in addition to the far-reaching effects of any orders and outcomes on the family unit. Business law matters, if handled properly, can set a business owner up for long-lasting prosperity.  But a defective document or plan can result in significant time and expense, or even the business closing. And estate and trust issues, besides being very frightening and complicated, carry possibly the longest-lasting consequences for families.  If an estate plan or probate case is not addressed with the level of care and expertise they demand, many problems will result.  For all these issues, you need an experienced, compassionate law firm on your side.

At Opfer | Campbell | Beck P.C., our attorneys specialize in protecting you during the best and most successful times of your life.  But because life happens, we also protect you during those times of stress and strife. Regardless of why you require our services, we will always strive to provide you with the best legal representation available.  We approach our cases creatively, effectively, and with the utmost ethical consciousness and professionalism.

What makes us different?

A successful law firm should identify, plan for, and help you solve problems you did not know you had, by providing all the services you actually require and without any surprise fees. With that goal in mind, here is what sets us apart:

  • FAMILY LAW: Our attorneys bill differently than almost any law firm in the area, requiring much less of a retainer for services, and consistent, bi-weekly billing to ensure you are more prepared and able to pay for ongoing services.
  • ESTATE PLANNING: Our customized flat fees not only include the documents you need, but also includes us taking the critical steps to help you avoid probate (a process called “funding” you must be complete to implement your plan).  We also provide a complete digital portfolio and contact our clients every single year regarding changes and questions.  All these services are offered through no-interest installment payments if you need to pay over time, unlike most firms.
  • BUSINESS LAW: Our attorneys only provide the services your business requires, without an ongoing retainer requirement and without any “maintenance” billing.

No-Cost Consultations

Our attorneys are ready to meet with you regarding any family, business, or estate matter you may have. To schedule a no-cost consultation, call us today at (303) 791-0995, or complete the contact form to schedule a consultation.

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