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Estate Planning

Have you ever heard of “estate planning” and wondered if you need it?  There are many ways to ensure your final wishes, and all of them encompass an estate plan. Regardless of how much you have, you get to decide how your assets are distributed and your affairs managed.  The most well-known planning documents include: […]

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Business Law

Why business law? Starting a new business can be an exciting adventure!  It creates great opportunities, both for you and possible future investors, employees, etc.  But if formation does not occur properly, the business can fail just as quickly as it began.  There are many rules, regulations, and practical issues involved in the process, so […]

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Elder Law, Estates, & Trust Administration

The World of Elder Law, Trusts, and Estate Administration When it comes to fears about sickness and dying, one of the biggest added concerns is the possibility of probate.  This can take the form of elder law (guardianships and conservatorships), estates, or trust matters.  Across America, we hear horror stories of “probate” as lengthy, expensive, […]

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Divorce & Legal Separation

Helping You Through All Aspects of Divorce At the law firm of Opfer | Campbell | Beck P.C., we understand that emotions can run high when a relationship is ending. An amicable resolution is ideal, but not always possible given the unique facts of your case. Our approach is to try to resolve conflicts amicably. […]

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Allocation of Parental Responsibilities & Adoptions

In today’s world families come in all shapes and sizes. Child custody and support can be an issue in divorce and legal separation cases but also in cases where parents are not currently or were never married to one another. The break-up of a relationship is a traumatic event for parents, and even more so […]

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Post Decree Modification

Life has a way of changing regardless of how carefully we have planned. In some cases, after a divorce, legal separation, or allocation of parental rights and responsibilities people find that their parenting plans and support payments are simply not in line with their family’s current needs or financial situation. Modifications of parenting plans and […]

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What is Mediation? Mediation is defined as “the intervention between the parties to promote reconciliation, settlement, or compromise” in a dispute. Practically, this means a safe place for parties to openly discuss their concerns, goals, and suggestions to resolve the conflict. The mediator’s goal is to facilitate safe dialogue, get to the heart of each […]

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Mediation - lawyer and client review mediation documents